At Spyced Concepts we take privacy seriously, both for our own projects and the projects of our clients. Each project will have it's own Privacy Statements and Terms & Conditions. Below is the Privacy Statement for this website and Spyced Concepts:

Website Visitor Data

This website gathers no personal information on site visitors. We don't track visitors or profile any demographics. There really is no reason for us to do so.


Cookies are small text files stored on your browser. Cookies can be used for many purposes including shopping carts, advertising and site usage

This site only uses cookies only for functionality. In this case it's allowing our visitors to set their Privacy preferences. For Spyced Concepts, the only privacy preference for the website is whether you want to see the privacy warning or not. This cookie expires in 30 days

Email and Social Media

We use Capsule CRM to keep a record of our contact with you and Google Apps to handle our email. If you send us an email, post a comment or contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Linked In, we'll keep a record of your email address and any conversations with have with you.

Business Cards, Phone Calls and Face to Face Contact

Likewise, if you present us with a business card, or give us your contact details, we will store them in Capsule CRM to make it easy for us to track conversations with you.

Contracts and Financial Transactions

If you enter into a contract with Spyced Concepts to provide work, we will keep a record of the necessary contractual information and financial transactions as required by law. We use Freeagent, Google Apps, Github, Trello, Asana and Evernote for most of our work.

Your Data

We won't share your data with anybody else, apart from those services mentioned above (Capsule CRM and Google Apps), unless we have sought explicit permission from you for specific purposes, or we are legally obliged to do so.

You can ask for a copy of the data we hold on you (On Capsule CRM and Goole Apps) by sending a request to You can ask us to delete your data, which will do except where we have a legal requirement to keep records, such as contractual agreements and financial transactions

Should you require data held on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In, you should approach the data controllers for those organisation who will act according to the laws by which they are governed.